Aquatic Craniosacral Therapy

Aqua-Craniosacral Therapy is a very precise and special form of therapy. The hot thermal water and the gentle techniques of CSI (Craniosacral-Integration) are a magnificent tool to unlock body restrictions, relaxing the hypertension of the nerve system and healing various traumatic  experiences which have occurred through out our life.

Our body has a magnificent subconscious memory. Often we have forgotten what it actually feels like to be free of stress and pain. It is amazing how we as humans are able to function, blanking out issues we can´t or don´t want to deal with.

By using this gentle form of therapy we are able to release  tensions and pain we have been holding on to for so very long, some reaching back as far as prenatal.






In general a few treatments on land are done before advancing on into the water.

The ling below will take you to an online magazine writing about my work and aqua-craniosacral therapy. Many thanks to Tiziana de Biagi who came up with the idea, effort and organized an intverwie.

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