Healing Trauma

Every trauma (physical or mental kind) is linked to the nerve-(Simpatico & Para-Simpatico) hormonal- and emotional-system.  Trauma always occurs, when an impact is greater than our life-resources, it is an overwhelming emotional experience, triggering fight, flight and/or freezing habits. These habits which are fear-based prevent us living a life full of joy, flexibility and inner happiness.

Very common for people experiencing trauma is their inflexibility to deal with every-day life issues. Emotions are denied or over-exaggerated expressed. These emotions through time become a serious problem preventing full healing of physical and/or mental trauma, developing into diseases, disabilities and in-capabilities, causing us inner pain and grief over time.

For the process of healing trauma, we need to understand its dynamics. Trauma on its own is not a bad thing or a threat, but a protection against its impact and the combination of overwhelming emotions, facing them all at once is often an impossible and impassable task. The fight, flight and/or freezing reaction are ways our body protects itself from a total collapse, responding to the flooding of information, emotions and impact.

Taking a closer look at trauma, we see two kinds of energy-systems. On the one side we see the actual trauma and on the other side the energy which keeps this trauma in “control”. This combined energy is captured in the nerve-system (Simpatico & Para-simpatico) preventing flexibility and personal development in our life.

Keeping a trauma in “control, takes an enormous amount of energy we cannot make productive use of. The symptoms keeping the trauma in “control” are various emotions, pain, grief etc. we hold on to, not being able to express happiness, love, flexibility, creating chances and opportunities in our daily life.

The important question is: “How are we able to release this energy, integrating and using it to our advantage, without being sucked into the chaotic swirl of trauma, in the end being re-traumatized?”

During my study of “Cranial-Sacral Integration, (CSI)” at the Academy for Somatic Integration (ASI), in Germany, SER  (Somatic-Emotional-Releas) as been integrated as an important method, for the healing process. By using a combination of SER and gentle touch of CSI techniques, we are able to discharge this overwhelming energy in a secure and controlled way, and integrating it into our body as a life resource.

SER & CSI Session:

These sessions are created to the individual needs of each patient. Firstly we discuss the matter where we will focus on, creating a strategy. Then continuing by building resources, which is a necessary and essential step before moving on into the field of trauma. Through time we learn to allow denied and blocked feelings slowly to unfold, then being felt within our body again. This trapped energy containing tension, pain disabilities, holding tight traumatic emotions, is slowly released, step by step using CSI techniques, including “trauma-healing-vortex”. Patients often describe it as a deep release vibrating through the body, which can continue up to a few hours. It needs to happen in a controlled and safe way, because if released all at once it turns chaotic and re-traumatizes.

Aquatic CSI is based on these un-winding techniques. The body remembers accidents, impacts and high inner tension. Through very slow and controlled movement we are able to release this energy too, which keeps trauma in “control”, and re-integrate it back as a positive life-resource.


Personal experience and studies have shown, people going through the process of SER, view their traumatic experience in a new way. They are able to let go of this trapped energy, when free it creates new potentials in their life. Long term pain, body-tension, diseases, disabilities, inflexibility, narrow thinking and mind-circles, that have been driven by nerves, hormones and emotions, ease and we are able use this energy to our advantage. For example in: family life, work, hobbies and others. This has a direct positive influence on our personal life and social environment, raising inner value, acceptance towards other people, creating self-awareness towards our needs.  Trauma is an issue we cannot push aside, but we are able to transform it in a gentle way. There is no short-cut on this path, but a possible shorter way into happiness and satisfaction, giving our life more quality.

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