Here you can find videos featuring yidaki rhythms, aboriginal playing styles, songs, and lots more. The top one is the most recent added video. Enjoy!

008 – Mago @ Market – Playing Mago with Richard Dudanga ( Croker Island ) 

007 – Tribal Reunion – Demo Video for Free Download 


006 – Ocean & Time – A sample for coming projects  


005 – Black Python – Mago Rhythm with CD Wurrurrumi Kun-Borrk in the background. 


004 – Beach Day – The Yidaki I´m playing was made by Bruce Wunungumurra. Key is E 


003 – One Special one –  This Video is showing Gordon and some of his Aboriginial Friends from NE-Arnehmland… this video is a very special video to me. If you like to use it, please do so in a respective manner.
People seen in this recording July:2010 Buffalo Creek

Gordoo Boot given name(Barrngbarrng Wunungmurra)
Adam Marrilaga Wunungmurra
Brendan Rayalmana Gurruwiwi
Desmond Ma:tala Burarrwanga


002 – Album Cooee: Track 2 – Mankala:


001 – Album Cooee: Track 1 Baragula:

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